LKK Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler is a law firm specialized in international commercial arbitration, international investment law, and sports arbitration.

Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler is formed by 17 highly specialized and multi-jurisdictional lawyers with significant experience in dispute resolution, including international commercial arbitration, international investment law, and sports arbitration. Our lawyers are fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Greek, Hindi, Marathi and Georgian.


LKK is uniquely qualified to provide parties (including state parties) with strategic insight and cutting-edge legal advice in all dispute resolution procedures, with respect to both substance and procedure. In addition to representing parties, LKK’s lawyers act as arbitrators and tribunal secretaries in high-stake arbitrations under all arbitration rules and frameworks (both institutional and ad hoc), including ICC, UNCITRAL, ICSID, LCIA, SCC, AAA/IDRC, HKIAC, DIAC, SIAC, VIAC and, Swiss Rules among others. This has allowed LKK to gain a unique knowledge and insight of the practice and functioning of arbitral tribunals, which sets LKK apart from most other law firms in the world.


LKK’s lawyers have acted as arbitrators and represented clients in a range of industries including energy (oil, gas and renewables), mining and natural resources, infrastructure, construction and real estate, aerospace and defense, joint ventures, corporate matters, banking and finance, tourism, telecommunications and technology, intellectual property, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, fashion and entertainment.


In addition, LKK’s lawyers have provided legal advice to governments and international organizations on a variety of issues, such as the renegotiation of bilateral investment treaties, drafting of arbitration rules, and policy recommendations in a broad range of investment matters.

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