Silja Schaffstein

Quasi-contractual or Quasi-judicial Nature of Arbitration: Balancing the Powers of the Arbitral Tribunal with the Contractual Rights Between the Parties and the Arbitrators

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Laura Zinnerman

Latin American Perspectives on the Extension of the Arbitration Agreement to Non-Signatories: to Arbitrate or not to Arbitrate?

Spain Arbitration Review, pp. 53-57

Marie-Christin Bareuther

E-Sport aus rechtlicher Perspektive: Eine Legaldefinition?

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Antonio Rigozzi

Standing to Appeal and Standing To Be Sued: Current Trends in CAS Jurisprudence

Presented at the FIFA Annual Law Review, Mexico City, 1-3 March, 2023

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Sébastien Besson

Pro-arbitration and “Pro Validitate”: Is It Always the Same? Some Reflections in Light of Swiss and French Law

in: E. Neto Godry Farias et al. (Eds), “Pro-Arbitration” Revisited: A Tribute to Professor George Bermann from his Students Over the Years, Huntington, forthcoming 2023

Sébastien Besson

Introduction & commentary to Articles 33-35 of the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration

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Antonio Rigozzi

Droit du sport

in: F. Bohnet/A.-S. Dupont (Eds), Le droit pour le praticien 2021/2022, Basel 2022, pp. 381-408 (co-author Christopher Nseka)

Antonio Rigozzi & Erika Hasler


in: F. Bohnet/A.-S. Dupont (Eds), Le droit pour le praticien 2021/2022, Basel 2022, pp. 349-380

Sébastien Besson

The Role of Party-appointed Arbitrators vs That of the Chairperson

in : S. Kröll/A. Bjorklund/F. Ferrari (Eds), Cambridge Compendium of International Commercial and Investment Arbitration, Cambridge, 2023, pp. 1075-1096

Antonio Rigozzi

L’assistance judiciaire devant le Tribunal Arbitral du Sport

Cahiers de droit du sport, n° 61, 2022, pp. 127-142

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