Rahul Donde

Anti-Arbitration Injunctions in Investment Arbitration: The Indian Experience

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Rahul Donde

Court Assistance in Obtaining Evidence in International Arbitration

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Eolos Rigopoulos

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Antonio Rigozzi

Actualités du droit du sport – Jurisprudence nationale et internationale

Presentation at the 9th edition of the Swiss Association of Sports Law (ASDS)'s "Journées de droit du sport", in Macolin, 25-26 November 2021

Download (pdf, 5173.9k)

Sébastien Besson

La conception française de l’arbitrage international vue de l’étranger

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Antonio Rigozzi & Erika Hasler

Double Hatting, Sports Arbitration and Article 6(1) ECHR: A Recent Decision by the Paris Court of Appeal

Kluwer Arbitration Blog, 21 August 2021

Download (pdf, 175.3k)

Sébastien Besson, Antonio Rigozzi, Silja Schaffstein


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Download (pdf, 703.2k)

Sébastien Besson & Antonio Rigozzi

La réforme du droit suisse de l’arbitrage international

Revue de l'arbitrage 2021, pp. 11-56

David Khachvani

Can Pharmaceutical Companies Counter the Waiver of their Patents for COVID-19 Vaccines through Investment Treaty Arbitration?

Kluwer Arbitration Blog, 26 May 2021

Sébastien Besson (Ed.)

Expert Evidence: Conflicting Assumptions and How to Handle Them in Arbitration

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