Antonio Rigozzi

Seraing, Pechtsein and the Future of CAS?

Presentation at the Annual International Sports Law Conference, TMC Asser Instituut, The Hague, 25 October 2019

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Antonio Rigozzi & Sébastien Besson

Dispute Resolution in Switzerland

Getting the Deal Through - Market Intelligence 2019 - pp. 80-86

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Silja Schaffstein

The Law Governing Res Judicata

in: F. Ferrari/S. Kröll (Eds), Conflict of Laws in International Arbitration, 2nd ed. 2019, pp. 287-317

Sébastien Besson, Antonio Rigozzi, Silja Schaffstein


in: D. Caron/M. Scherer/T. Granier/H. Virjee (Eds) - Delos Guide to Arbitration Places, 2nd ed. 2019

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Sabina Sacco, David Khachvani

LIBOR Phase-Out: Questions of Interest to Arbitrators

Kluwer Arbitration Blog, 24 June 2019

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Sébastien Besson

Arbitrage – Impartialité – Liens associatifs et/ou scientifiques (Note sous CEDH, SPRL Projet Pilote Garoube c. France, 10 avril 2018)

Journal du droit international 2019, pp. 169-176

Antonio Rigozzi

Enforcement of and Challenges to CAS Awards

Presentation at the conference Regulation and Arbitration in Sport - Lausanne 23 January 2019

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Rahul Donde

Local Litigation Requirements: The Challenges of the Imposition of These Requirements in IIAs

in: J. Chaisse/L. Choukroune/S. Jusoh (Eds), Handbook of International Investment Law and Policy, Springer (forthcoming)

Michele Potestà

Dismissing Manifestly Unfounded Claims at ICSID. Taking Stock of the Case Law after Ansung Housing Co. v. People’s Republic of China

Shanghai International Arbitration Review 2018, pp. 88-114 [in Chinese]

Michele Potestà

The Evolving Investor-State Dispute Settlement System: Between ‘Light’ and ‘Heavy’ Reform Proposals

in: Ch. Müller/S. Besson/A. Rigozzi (Eds), New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration 2018, pp. 141-166