LKK Team Succeeds before Swiss Supreme Court

LKK lawyers Antonio Rigozzi, Sébastien Besson and Fabrice Robert-Tissot successfully represented FIFA in setting aside proceedings against the CAS award rendered in the Platini v. FIFA matter on 16 September 2016.


Mr. Platini sought the annulment of the award – which subjected him to a 4-year ban from football-related activities, as well as a CHF 60,000 fine, for violations of the FIFA Code of Ethics – on the ground of arbitrariness (Article 393(e) of the Swiss Code of Civil Procedure). In its decision of 29 June 2017 (4A_600/2016, released on 6 July 2017), the Supreme Court dismissed the action entirely. On the day the decision was published, the Supreme Court also issued a press release, which can be accessed here.


In the CAS proceedings, FIFA had been represented by LKK’s Antonio Rigozzi, Sébastien Besson, William McAuliffe and Fabrice Robert-Tissot.