LKK Team succeeds before CAS

LKK’s Antonio Rigozzi and William McAuliffe successfully represented the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) and others, including IFAF’s current President, Richard MacLean, in a dispute arising from the validity of the resignation of Tommy Wiking, a previous IFAF President, in 2015, and the legitimacy of members’ congresses that took place in the ensuing months. In September 2017, a CAS Panel composed of Dominique Brown-Berset (presiding), Andrew de Lotbinière McDougall and Jennifer Kirby issued part of the operative section of its award, confirming that Mr. Wiking had resigned as President of IFAF in February 2015 (effective from 30 April 2015). The full award, issued in March 2018, confirms that Mr. MacLean was validly elected as IFAF’s President in 2016. The award (CAS 2017/O/2025) has been published on the CAS website.