LKK in the news

Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler features in an article published by US daily legal news and analysis website, profiling the world’s “most highly regarded and best-known boutique international arbitration firms”, where LKK is described as a “truly international and world-renowned firm”.


The Law360 article examines 4 top-notch boutique practices, recognized for their success in handling high-profile international disputes and representing clients in some of the most closely watched arbitrations in the world.


Noting that LKK is home to two of the world’s top commercial and investment arbitrators, Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler and Laurent Lévy, author Caroline Simson reports that the firm’s success is also due to its early positioning as a leader in the niche field of international sports law and arbitration. The article further acknowledges the firm’s recent growth and the expansion of its offer of services to include counsel work in commercial and investment arbitration, spearheaded by its younger partners, Antonio Rigozzi, Sébastien Besson and Sabina Sacco.


Caroline Simson’s article, Top 4 International Arbitration Boutiques, published in the 5 February 2016 edition of Law360, is available here.


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