New Book

The 2012 volume of the book series New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration, co-edited by Christoph Müller and Antonio Rigozzi, has just been published. This annual publication contains the proceedings from the “New Developments in International Arbitration” conference, which is held every month of November in Neuchâtel. The contributions published in the 2012 volume are:

  • Transposing the Principles Governing the Plea of Illegality in Commercial Arbitration into the Domain of Investment Treaty Arbitration, by Zachary Douglas
  • The Revised Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, by Philipp Habegger
  • The Influence of EU-Law on International Arbitration, in particular in Switzerland, by Ulrich Haas
  • How Arbitration-Friendly is the Swiss Federal Supreme Court?, by Christoph Hurni
  • Review of the Recent Case Law of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, by Melissa Magliana
  • The Role of Arbitration in Dealing with Sporting Fraud issues, by Mike Morgan

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