New Book

The 2009 volume of the book series New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration, co-edited by Christoph Müller and Antonio Rigozzi, has just been published. This annual publication contains the proceedings from the “New Developments in International Arbitration” conference, which is held every month of November in Neuchâtel. The contributions published in the 2009 volume are:

  • Interference by National Courts with International Arbitration: the Situation after Saipem v. Bangladesh, by Luca Radicati di Brozolo
  • Sense and Nonsense of Written Witness Statements , by Christian Oetiker
  • Brussels I /Lugano and Arbitration: Problems and Perspectives, by Michael Schoell
  • Review of the Recent Case Law of the Swiss Federal Tribunal in International Arbitration, by Jean Marguerat
  • Arbitration and Insolvency: Issues of Applicable Law, by Domitille Baizeau

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