New Book

The 2014 volume of the book series New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration, co-edited by Christoph Müller, Antonio Rigozzi and Sébastien Besson, has just been published. This annual publication contains the proceedings from the “New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration” conference, which is held every month of November in Neuchâtel. The contributions featured in the New Developments 2014 volume are:

  • Expect the Unexpected: Avoiding Possible Pitfalls in National Arbitration Laws, by Olivier Caprasse and Maarten Draye
  • Arbitration of Intellectual Property and Technology Disputes – Recent Developments, by Ignacio de Castro
  • A Critical Analysis of the IBA Guidelines on Party Representation, by Felix Dasser
  • Adaptation of Contracts by Arbitrators: the Example of Gas Price Revision Disputes, by Anne-Véronique Schlaepfer
  • Review of the Recent Case Law of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, by Fabrice Robert-Tissot

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