LKK Lawyer on the ICC’s First Published List of Arbitrators

The ICC Court of International Arbitration has published on its website a chart listing the arbitrators sitting in ICC cases registered as of 1 January 2016 and where the Terms of Reference have been established.


The chart, which will be updated every month, contains the arbitrators’ names, nationality, method of appointment and role in the tribunal, as well as the month in which the Terms of Reference for each case were established. The first published version of the chart includes the name of LKK Partner Sabina Sacco, sitting as a Sole Arbitrator appointed by the Parties.


As stated in the ICC Court’s press release, the decision to publish the chart is intended to increase transparency and highlight the quality and diversity of ICC tribunals. The published data will remain available on the ICC website once the underlying case is concluded, so as to assist parties in further cases in determining whether an arbitrator is suitable for appointment on their tribunal.


For more information and to consult the published list of ICC arbitrators, please visit the dedicated page on the ICC website.