Magnus Jesko Langer

Principle 21: The Role of Youth

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Magnus Jesko Langer

Sovereignty in Trust: Territorial Sovereignty at the Crossroads of International Environmental Law

PhD Thesis, Geneva, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

Magnus Jesko Langer

Les assurances et garanties de non-répétition: entre rupture et continuité

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Magnus Jesko Langer

Monitoring Compliance with the Decisions of Human Rights Courts: The Inter-American Particularism

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Magnus Jesko Langer (Ed.)

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Magnus Jesko Langer

Key Instruments of Private Environmental Finance: Private Funds, Project Finance, and Market Mechanisms

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Magnus Jesko Langer

Foreign Investment in Latin-America: Between Love and Hatred

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Magnus Jesko Langer

Managing Conflicts between Environmental and Investment Norms in International Law

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